Womanhouse - DVD

Womanhouse on DVD

Le peuple qui manque éditions presents
Womanhouse by Johanna Demetrakas (1974)

Price: 25 € from France / 29 € from international (except USA) for private use.


Womanhouse is an historic documentary about one of the most important feminist cultural events of the 1970s. Judy Chicago (best-known as the creator of The Dinner Party) and Miriam Shapiro rented an old Hollywood mansion and altered its interior through decor and set-pieces to “search out and reveal the female experience.. Womanhouse is a fascinating historical look at feminism, its reception in the 1970s, and the ever-important relationship between the art and social change. Johanna Demetrakas is an eminent Los Angeles-based film-maker, writer, teacher, producer, director and editor.

Original version and French subtitles version.

Some documentation:

* For private use only
** For institutions, art schools, universities, librairies, and so on. DVD can be consulted by the public, but are excluded exhibitions and public screenings.

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