Gender trouble
Gender trouble
Maison Pop’ et Cinéma Le Méliès
Cycle of screenings

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The Maison Pop’ and the Cinema Méliès, Montreuil, invite this year le peuple qui manque which will propose and present a rare film panorama, documentaries, artists videos,  avant-garde cinema, recalling a short history of the cinema of the bodies and identities, since the seventies, from the women liberation movements and assertion of the sexual minorities to the contemporary cinema queer. These 14 evenings of cinema, from October 2007 to May 2008, will approach in turn the history of the feminist struggle, the intersection between art and feminism, gender issues, the homosexual movement, the School of the body, transgender issues or the overlap of the social relationship between racism and sexism.

By working the social norms, sexual, racial, and the representations, the artists decolonize our imaginary and try to invent a specific cinematographic language to these awakening minority positions declining collective, powers of life, government schemes, factories of oneself, déconstructions and changes identity, hybridizations and interbreedings. 

In echo with these two film cycles a seminar will be held which will reconsider the topicality of these questions and in the presence of many theorists and activists (amongst other things Marie-Helene Bourcier, Antonella Corsani, Elsa Dorlin, Jules Falquet, Eric Fassin, Vincent Hesay, Nathalie Magnan, Valerie Marange, Reine Prat, Sabine Prokhoris, Javier Saez, Louis-Georges Tin, Giovanna Zapperi)

Aliocha Imhoff & Kantuta Quiros

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