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R.E.P. (Revolutionary Experimental Space) Group

R.E.P. (Revolutionary Experimental Space) Group a été créé à Kiev en 2004 par de jeunes artistes ukrainiens (Lesia Khomenko, Volodymyr Kuznetsov, Ksenia Hnylytska, Zhanna Kadyrova, Lada Nakonechna, Nikita Kadan), en réaction à la Révolution Orange. R.E.P. choisit l’espace public comme domaine de ses expérimentations artistiques. REP Group a été notamment exposé en Allemagne, en Suède, en Pologne, en Turquie, en Russie, en Italie, en Australie, ainsi qu’aux biennales de Prague en 2009 et de Venise en 2005.

We will R.E.P. you!

de R.E.P. Group (2005, 11′)

Action, Kiev.
R.E.P. artists intervened on the territory of collision of communist and nationalist manifestations. The artists presented themselves as an independent political organization. The action led to a conflict between artists and nationalists.


R.Е.P. party

de R.E.P. Group (2006, 4′)

Action, Kyiv.
R.E.P. artists placed their tent between agitation tents of different Ukrainian political parties and promoted themselves there. Action took place on Independence Square in Kyiv during the time of parliamental elections campaign.

Broadening of mind

de R.E.P. Group (2005, 4′)

Action, Kiev.
In the action “Broadening of mind” R.E.P. made “advertisement show of modern and contemporary art” in a minibus on the streets of Kiev.


Untitled action

de R.E.P. Group (2005, 4′)

Action, Kiev.
R.E.P. made a political manifestation on an empty field outside of the city during the time of parliamental elections campaign.


de R.E.P. Group (2006, 13′)

Performance, Kiev.
The performance took place during Kyiv Days of Performance Art. R.E.P. group invited a “lirnyk”, a folk musician and storyteller to tell about several well-known artistic actions and performances. He recapitulated performances by Marina Abramovitch, Joseph Beuys and Alexandr Brener in the traditional folk manner, playing lira.


de R.E.P. Group (2007, 11′)

Action, frontière entre l’Ukraine et la Pologne, 2007.
The action “Smuggling” took place on the checkpoint of the Ukrainian-Polish border. “R.E.P.” carried Russian petrol in rubber hot-water bottles under their clothes and Russian gas in balloons. The artists also filmed the everyday life of Ukrainian petty smugglers who bind cartons of cigarettes and rubber bottles with vodka to their bodies by sticky tape to carry it into Poland through the border.

Fast Art

de R.E.P. Group (2005, 9′)

Action, Coctebel.
Artists placed their tent on the bank of the Black sea between trade tents with food, drinks and souvenirs. In this tent they quickly produced pieces of “modern and contemporary art” and sold them for five hrivnyas each.