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Research-creation, film, 2024


The school of impatiences

Dieppe, Normandie, 2023


The Trial of Fiction



Qui parle ? (pour les non-humains)

by Aliocha Imhoff & Kantuta Quirós (PUF, 2022)

“(…) the silent voice of the world has reached out to humans. Asking the question “Who speaks?” now means extending the stage of knowledge and politics to all those who, because they did not have the power of speech, could not be included – animals, plants, objects or machines. Aliocha Imhoff and Kantuta Quirós answer this question with a manifesto for a politics of silence that is also a cartography of its possible means (…)”.

The School of Impatiences

29.06 → 03.07 2023 – Dieppe


The School of Impatiences is a festival that gives pride of place to debates about ideas, contemporary thought, visual arts and literature, based on our ecological, social and artistic impatiences.

Simona Dvorák & Tadeo Kohan / Elio Della Noce / Jean-Marie Durand / Paul Guillibert / Stéphanie Garzanti / Clémence Hollemaert / Rose Mahé Cabel / Patrice Maniglier / Mohamed Amer Meziane  / Alexandre Monnin / Corinne Morel Darleux / Fatima Ouassak / Catherine Radosa / Collectif Rotule / Paula Valero Comin / Xavier Wrona / Erik Bullot / Filipa Cesar & Sónia Vaz Borges / Jean-Michel Carré / Karel Doing / Arthur Gosset / Colectivo Los Ingrávidos / Luiz Roque.

Publications (French Only)

Les potentiels du temps
Manuella editions, 2016

B42, 2014

Queer Cinema
Multitudes n°35, 2008-2009


Le peuple qui manque (a people is missing) is a Paris-based curatorial platform created by Aliocha Imhoff & Kantuta Quiros, working between contemporary art and research. Le peuple qui manque initiates exhibitions, curatorial projects, international colloquia, festivals and publications. Le peuple qui manque is also a producer, editor and distributor of artists’ films.