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For a differential government of times
a film program curated by Aliocha Imhoff and Kantuta Quirós

Live writing
Sunday 11 October 2015, 5 – 10 pm
Ponrepo Cinema, Bartolomejska 11, Prague 1
free entrance

Are, curatorial organization based in Prague, is inviting a people is missing for a special format called “Live writing”Live writing is a special format inviting its participants to directly react in written form to a series of films or moving images. The selection of films is curated by a people is missing. This event is open to the public and will be attended by invited Czech and international curators, critics, theorists, writers, philosophers, historians and artists. Selection of the resulting texts will be published in a book.

“For many years now, we’ve been witnessing a rather discouraging discourse depicting our times as “winter years”, as Félix Guattari puts it: a period of glaciation of potentialities. According to François Hartog, the dominating regime of historicity since 1989 was “presentism”, a temporal order of static historicity, characterised by the end of expected horizons. How can we set time back in motion, to liberate us from the presentism to which we seem compelled in Europe? This program features films that explore the role that chronopolitics and other modes of imagining the future and re-imagining the past have to play in creating social change. Summoning concepts from recent historiographical renewal, this live session event focuses on alternative temporalities put forward by artists, overlapping temporalities – a spectrality of memory and speculation – to rethink the staging of History (potential, speculative, retrospective, projective and retrocipative histories). These « heterochronic devices » address new politics of time, imagining a multi-temporal and non-presentist contemporaneity and finally, tend toward a « differential government of times », as it has been advocated by the philosopher Daniel Innerarity in his book, The future and Its Enemies (Stanford University Press, 2012).” Aliocha Imhoff & Kantuta Quirós

Irina Botea, It is now a matter of learning hope (2014, 13min)
Claudrena Harold & Kevin Jerome Everson, Sugarcoated Arsenic (2014, 20 min)
Roee Rosen, The Buried Alive Videos (2013, 35min)
Frédéric Moser & Philippe Schwinger, Capitulation Project (2003, 21 min)
Sven Johne, Some Engels (2013, 27 min)
Milo Rau, The Moscow Trials (2014, 85 min)
Armin Linke, Make it work (2015, lecture-performance by Lisa Bergmann and Alper Kazokoglu, 40 min)

Aliocha Imhoff and Kantuta Quirós are art theorists and curators based in Paris, as well as the founders of the curatorial platform a people is missing. Among the last exhibitions they have curated are: La Frontera nos cruzo, Museo de la Inmigracion, Buenos Aires, 2015; Post-exotim, Newhaven Fort, 2015; Cinéma Permanent in Leiris & Co, Centre Pompidou Metz, 2015; Beyond the Magiciens Effect, Fondation Gulbenkian, Laboratoires d’Aubervilliers, 2015; The Accelerationist Trial, Centre Pompidou, 2014; Geography is used, primarily, to make war, Museo de la Memoria, Bogota, 2014; A Thousand Years of Non Linear History, Centre Pompidou, 2013; Make an effort to remember. Or, failing that, invent., Bétonsalon – Centre d’Art et de Recherche, 2013; Artist as ethnographer, Quai Branly – Centre Pompidou, 2012; What is to be done? art/film/politics, Centre Pompidou, 2010. They recently edited the publication Géoesthétique, a collective project focussing on the spatial turn in art (Editions B42, 2014), and Histoires afropolitaines de l’art, a double issue (nos. 53-54) of the journal Multitudes (2014). Kantuta Quirós is an Associate Professor at the l’Ecole Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture in Nantes. Aliocha Imhoff teaches at Université Paris 1. In 2015-2016, they are now resident fellows at Méthode House, Chicago (directed by Guillaume Désanges) – Rebuild Foundation (Theaster Gates).

Live writing is organized in cooperation with UMPRUM in Prague.

Are in cooperation with cultural, educational and art institutions wants to develop a program of international events that are linked to current artistic projects. Are wants to reflect the area of so- called auxiliary disciplines for main exhibition program as a more autonomous zone. Are believes that this format will contribute to strengthening the coherence and continuity of international projects. Parallel Formats in its first phase is based on the Moving Image Department series of exhibitions in the National Gallery in Prague. Parallel Formats are organized in cooperation with the 4AM Forum for Architecture and Media, the EMPAC (Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Troy, NY), the Faculty of Fine Arts BUT in Brno, LUX London, the National Gallery in Prague, the Studio Hrdinů, the Ponrepo Cinema and the National Film Archive and the UMPRUM in Prague.

Are’s projects and programmes are supported by the Prague City Hall, the Ministry of Culture and the State Cultural Fund of the Czech Republic, the French institute, the Goethe-Institut in Prague, the Embassy of the Republic of Slovenia and the US Embassy in Prague. Special thanks to the Hotel Emblem. Are’s projects and programmes are organized in cooperation with the 4AM Forum for Architecture and Media, the CCA Prague, the EMPAC (Experimental Media and Performing Arts Center, Troy, NY), the Faculty of Fine Arts BUT in Brno, the Goethe-Institute in Prague, LUX in London, the National Gallery in Prague, the Studio Hrdinů, the PLATO Ostrava, the Ponrepo Cinema and the National Film Archive, the Prague City Gallery, tranzidisplay and the UMPRUM in Prague.

Thanks : Are (Zuzana Blochova, Edith Jerabkova, Jen Kratochvil), the artists (Irina Botea, Claudrena Harold & Kevin Jerome Everson, Roee Rosen, Frédéric Moser & Philippe Schwinger, Milo Rau, Sven Johne, Lisa Bergmann, Armin Linke, Alper Kazokoglu), Picture Palace (Madeleine Molyneaux), IIPM – International Institute of Political Murder (Mirjam Knapp, Jens Baudisch), Merle Rueffer, AugustinPR, Galerie Jocelyn Wolff (Jocelyn Wolff, Sandrine Djerouet, Nasim Weiler, Louise Desmas), KLEMM`S (Anna Lalla), Florian Haag, Giulia Bruno, Víctor Fancelli, Klemens C, Guillaume Désanges.