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A Stateless Museum


A project by Aliocha Imhoff & Kantuta Quirós

The stateless museum undoes the museum of its patrimonial obsession, of its linear narrations, it redefines the transmission, not as a genealogical attempt, to maintain, to preserve, but to reopen the angle of our becoming. It maroons the history of art, makes its old chronological narratives flee, reinvents broken lines, artistic archipelagos. The stateless museum is the archive of erased, mute lives. It exists in the blind spots of nations, in areas without jurisdiction.

Production: FRAC de La Réunion, Cité des Arts, Ecole Supérieure d’Art de La Réunion, Les Ateliers Médicis.

For curators wishing to watch this film, please send us an email, then click on the following page.

Stateless Museum, episode 01 (2016)

First Declaration of the Stateless Museum

With artist Yohann Queland de Saint Pern and Nano Quiroz Lopez.

Produced following a workshop at the École d’Art de la Réunion in 2016.

Musée Apatride, épisode 2 (2018)

In collaboration with artist Christian Jalma aka Pink Floyd, as a continuation of his own M.A.R.B.R Museum project (Musée des Affaires Ramassées sur les Bords de la Route) and based on a poem by Carpanin Marimoutou, Pour une Constituante Migrante (written on the occasion of the Une Constituante migrante project at the Centre Pompidou, in 2017).

Produced during our residency in La Réunion, 2018, at La Box, Espace Carambole on invitation by Yohann Quëland de Saint-Pern, Myriam Omar Awadi, Anne Fontaine, Thierry Rivière and with logistical support from Frac Réunion, Cité des Arts Réunion and École Supérieure d’Art de la Réunion.