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Research-creation project


A political theater
of ontological conflicts

A film by Aliocha Imhoff & Kantuta Quirós
A project supported by ArTeC (Paris VIII University)
and in partnership with the AIAC laboratory (Paris VIII) and the Center Pompidou (FILM Department, curator Philippe-Alain Michaud, and the Hors-pistes Festival, dir. Géraldine Gomez)

“Pachakuti – A political theater of ontological conflicts” is a research-creation project in the form of an artist’s film. It is based on the re-scripting of the transcriptions of speeches during the Bolivian Constituent Assembly of 2005-2006, archived by the Documentary Fund of the Constituent Assembly of La Paz in Bolivia. This archive documents the long process which led to granting legal status to Pachamama. The re-scripting of this diplomacy between “cosmologies which intended to live together” (Landivar, 2018), is interpreted by non-actors of the Aymara scene.

The film is currently being edited.