Body insurgents!

Art in action

Maison Pop’ de Montreuil and Cinéma Le Méliès
Season 2008/2009

For the second year running, Maison Pop’ and Le Méliès cinema in Montreuil are inviting le peuple qui manque which will propose and present a history of insurgent bodies, through a panorama of rare films, documentaries, artists’ videos, avant-garde cinema and fiction.

“The body is the place of all marks, all wounds, all traces. Tortures, the prohibitions of social classes, the violence of powers, dispersed but never abolished, are inscribed in the flesh. Today, only the excluded create. For it is their bodies that speak, that enunciate refusal. The cry NO FUTURE – if this future is the continued present – is a cry of hope.” Michel Journiac.

An insurrectionary history from the happening of the 60s, total art and laboratory of sensations and political action; through Fluxus, butô, the right to madness and the La Borde experiment; Berlin punk cinema; new black cinema and the British black artists’ cooperative Sankofa Film and Video; the hip hop movement, urban reappropriation dances and the emergence of a new image culture; an alternative occupation of the city and social space, demonstrations, street actions and anti-globalization rallies…

Aliocha Imhoff & Kantuta Quiros / le peuple qui manque