Insurgent bodies!

Reclaim the streets ! 1
Friday December 5, 2008 – 20:30
Maison Pop’, Montreuil

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In the presence of Olivier Blondeau and Laurence (authors of Devenir média)
With the cry of Reclaim the streets! , we will stop on the urban strategies of reappropriation, our lives, of our cities, implemented in a contemporary way by the movements altermondialists. Resulting from an activism from the multitudes, ecologist, anticapitalist and for the invention of radical democracies, these movements are anchored in “imaginary rupture”.
They are also at the origin of a use protestor of the media, an enthralling practice of against-information collaborative, mobile, decentralized, reformulated since the minority positions media-activists.  
The films presented result from two types of steps: one since the network of Indymedia media-activists and the other by the collective of plastics technicians Bernadette Corporation.

This is what democracy looks like
by Jill Freidberg et Rick Rowley

and filmed by more than 100 media-activists (68’, 2000)

This Is What Democracy Looks like, report of the events of Seattle in 1999 during the demonstrations against OMC.
Captivating implemented of an against-informative factory of the images, the film captures the crude energy of the protests, the vibrating one and powerful life of the multitude altermondialist, the unit and the multiplicity of the claims, alliance between militants of the countries of the south and militants local, the historical resonance of the event.
It recalls also a moment of reappropriation of the city vis-a-vis police repression and a democracy which fall the mask.
With more cameras in the streets than any media, Independent Media Center (IMC) coordinated more than one hundred of media-activists and collected more than 300 hours of rushes. In coproduction with the IMC and Big Noise Films, this film crosses confusion to offer a fulgurating portrait of this week which gave rise to a world civil movement.
This Is What Democracy Looks like seizes again the plurality of the image filmeds by these media-activists, for the majority implied since of the years in independent media, which found at the end of 1999 in Seattle, working with the creation of Indymedia. It can be used as model to think the experiment of the alternative media and their co-operative practices of collective and autonomous creation. They make the their currency of Jello Biafra “Don’ T hastens the media, become the media!” (Do not hate the media, become the media) which is that of the activism of the Tactical Mediae born in the Nineties.   


Get Rid of Yourself
by Bernadette Corporation
(2003, 60′)
with Chloé Sévigny and Werner Von Delmont

They say “another world is possible”. But we do not want a another world, of another kind, another justice: of another logical nightmare. We do not want governorship total, clean being, ecological being, being certified by Porto Alegre. We want THIS world. We want this world like chaos. We want the chaos of our lives, the chaos of our perceptions, the chaos of our desires and our repulsions. ”  
Built around the events of the top of G8 and its dispute in Genoa in July 2001, Get Rid off Yourself stops on the experiments and reflexions of autonomous mobilities and of the groups “black block”, born in particular in Germany in the Eighties.  It tries to in general connect the militant practical policy to an experiment of the life. From the point of view post-situationnist, the destruction (plundering of the supermarkets, setting with bag of the banks) and the occupation of the streets release from the zones released within the metropolis.
From testimonys in voice-over, Bernadette Corporation chooses to restore by an esthetics of the mixture, the intensities and the conflict of the feelings, the search of chaos and the postmodern concern of the permanent war post- September 11.  “Twenty years. Twenty years of counter-revolution. Of preventive counter-revolution. In Italy and elsewhere. Twenty years of a sleep roughcast of nettings, populated vigils. Of a sleep of the body, imposed by curfew. Twenty years. The past does not pass. Because the war continues. Is prolonged, ramifies. In a new calibration of subjectivitys.


1 Reclaim the streets (Let us take again the streets), of the name of the English action groups direct, which since 1994 organize festivals of street, between revolutionary carnivals and direct action, of insurrectionary and dionysiaque reappropriation of public spaces.

Texts and programmation : Kantuta Quiros & Aliocha Imhoff

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