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Danielle Jaeggi

After studying music at the Geneva Conservatory, Danielle Jaeggi went on to study at IDHEC, then obtained a doctorate in aesthetics at Paris VIII. Her documentaries and video essays include “La fille de Prague” (1978), “L’Arche de Nam June” co-directed with Jean-Paul Fargier and Raphaël Sorin (1980), “Tout près de la frontière” (I982), “Losing touch” (1992) and “Dans le champ des étoiles” (2000). She has also taught at Paris VIII University.


Sorcières-Camarades (Witches and Comrades)

by Danielle Jaeggi (1971, 10 mins.)

“A film about women / A film by women / A film for women / With a man’s camera. One day, women will see these images of our sad survival and wonder how we ever endured it.” (excerpt)

Un geste en moi (A gesture inside me)

by Danielle Jaeggi (1972, 20 mn)

“(…) Fathers’ trainer – Crazy with her breasts in the air – Familiar nymphomaniac – Hysterical toque.
Hysterical toque.
Images of women. They stick everywhere.
Struggling with them in the knowledge of sex.”
Danielle Jaeggi, Paroles…elles tournent!,1976
“In capitalist society, everything is based on alienation, on the fact that we exist through the eyes of others.” (excerpt)