Actress with the theatrical and musical ensemble Génération Chaos and director of publication and editor of the magazine Les périphériques vous parlent, which she founded in 1993, Federica Bertelli has directed several documentaries Overflow (co-directed with Corinne Maury), Un imaginaire pour une mondialité à faire (fragments of two encounters with Edouard Glissant and Patrick Chamoiseau), Les attracteurs étranges on the thought of trembling in Edouard Glissant. With Marc’O, she co-directed Les barbares arrivent avec gourmandise and La voix des coulisses. She hosts a monthly radio show on cinema and image, Hors champs, on Fréquence Paris Plurielle.

Un imaginaire pour une mondialité à faire Un imaginaire pour une mondialité à faire.Fragments of two encounters with Patrick Chamoiseau and Edouard Glissant (2002, 32′) by Federica Bertelli (Les périphériques vous parlent) This film was made from interviews with Martinican writers Patrick Chamoiseau and Edouard Glissant. They evoke the capacity of individuals and peoples to change their imaginations in order to rebuild their relationship with the world. Exploring the notions of creolization, which Edouard Glissant defines as “crossbreeding that produces the unpredictable”, of globalism in opposition to economic globalization, or of identity-relationship versus the affirmation of root identities that generates countless conflicts throughout the world, this film proposes perspectives for a future where the poetic finds the political again, taking us out of a world frozen in its past with its identity-based withdrawals, its rejection of the other and its outdated cultural logics. Rental price: 150.00 €.
Les attracteurs étranges Les attracteurs étranges by Federica Bertelli (2004, 70′) Based on the words of the Martinican writer Édouard Glissant, this film brings into play a reflection on globality. Exploring the chaotic spaces of becoming, the writer addresses the specific role of politics and art, anti-globalization, the complex question of identities, the transformation of the imagination in order to better perceive the changes affecting the world. Rental price: 200.00 €.

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