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Jud Yalkut

“Jud Yalkut was one of the most influential experimental filmmakers of the 1960s in New York … Since then, Yalkut has consolidated his enviable reputation as one of the most important metamedia artists in American independent cinema” Wheeler Winston Dixon


by Jud Yalkut (21′, 1967, silent, 8 mm)

A film diary shot during EXPRMNTL 4, the Knotte-le-Zoutte experimental film festival (December 24, 1967 – January 2, 1968) It contains among others: “America Hurrah” performance by Jean Claude van Itailie, performed by Théâtre de Poche; “Juliet and Romeo,” performance by John Latham including his film “Speak”; a performance of the poem “Masscheroen” on the theme of Marieke van Niemegen by Hugo Claus; a concert by Mauricio Kagel ; “MovieMovie” the incredible expanded cinema performance with a huge inflatable structure created by the Event Structure Research Group / Sigma Projects with Jeffrey Shaw, Theo Botschuijver, Sean Wellesley-Miller, and Tjebbe van Tijen, with the Musica Electronica Viva group; an impromptu happening by Jean-Jacques Lebel “Miss Experimental Contest” with Yoko Ono and Tony Cox; the Marxist and Maoist student demonstration “Viva Dziga Vertov”; a dinner with American filmmakers such as Shirley Clarke; and the festival awards ceremony followed by a reception.