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Michka Gorki

Michka Gorki carried out its first film “Go romantic” in 1973, with the assistance of the GREEK (Group of cinematographic research and test) born from the General states of the French realizers in May 68. Actress, auteure-director, auteure and director of theatre, she worked in various trades of the cinema and teaching summer responsible for 1991 to 2007 with Fémis (3Ecole Nationale Sup3erieure of the trades of the image and the sound) initially in charge of the 3rd cycle, then Co-director of the department realization.

Interprétations (Interpretations)

by Michka Gorki (11min, 1975, France)

“The continual alienation of unforeseen aggressions the impunity of a strong anonymous crowd of a cohesion of cowardice Impotence vis-a-vis the irremediable one. To control its revolts fulgurating With each one its silly thing, quite personal, limited well. ” (extracted) “I carried out a film in which I howled my revolts of woman, of aculeate actress to the madness not to want to play the game of the bestiality of the company” Michka Gorki, Paroles… they turn! , 1976

Ella, une vraie famille (Ella, a real family)

by Michka Gorki (1980, 60min)

With: Michka Gorki, Marc Mazza, Alexandra Svetchine, Doucha Belgrave, Marie Eve Théry, Ingrid de Hainaut, Bob Swaim, Liliane Braniste.

With the participation of Michael Lonsdale, Franck Verpillat A woman tries to find freedom by trying out her relation with the others, with the bodies of the others. She tries to release from the normative traditionalism of the education received by the invention of relations non conformist. This experiment of destructuration/rebuilding brings it to a serene idea of the love.

Rendez-vous romantiques (Romantic rendezvous)

by Michka Gorki (1973, 30min)

Comic film: when the woman as an object counter-attacks. “Michka receives and films without their knowledge of the men who approached it in the street. How react of the men of age and different mediums, vis-a-vis their dream: to be received by a woman whom they like, which is rich and agreeing. ” In scene in a corrosive way the patriarchal system of the years 1970 puts, where the pregnancy of the masculinism and heterocentrism generate an alienation and a violence symbolic system made palpable by the scenario writer who rejoue the posture of the woman as an object, such as it is awaited, agreeing, rich and beautiful. Feminist cinema where relations consumerists and injunctions made to the women are crunched.

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Les femmes et le Cinéma – Cannes 77 (Women and Cinema – Cannes 77)

by Michka Gorki (14′, N&B, 1977)

Video produced by the CNAVV and the SRF (company of the French realizers), turned to Cannes in May 1977, presents the question of the directors and the image of the women to the cinema, with Marguerite Duras, Chantal Akerman, Paula Delsol, Francoise Lebrun, Patricia Moraz, Soazig Chappedelaine, Nadine Alcan. Few women still realize. Why? Self-censorship? Economic censure? Modesty?