¡ América latina : Arte-acción !


Collectivo Las Filmadoras / Lorena Wolffer / Sandra Monterroso / Mujeres creando


Friday, April 11, 2008 at 8:30pm
Maison Populaire de Montreuil
Free admission

Faced with the tremendous profusion of artistic proposals from the Latin American continent, we decided to devote a second session to Latin America in the 2000s, which has become one of the most important political laboratories of our time, with its powerful anti-globalization struggles, its aspirations for cultural and economic autonomy, and its feminist resistance strategies.

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These proposals are rooted in a strong tradition of art-action and video-performance with an intrinsically political dimension, where the body is seen as a site of confrontation and negotiation.
The visceral work of Mexican performer and cultural activist Lorena Wolffer on the murdered women of Ciudad Juarez, and the poetic reflections of Guatemalan artist Sandra Monterroso, which interweave motifs of tradition, cultural identity and gender, are all part of this tradition.

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For the past fifteen years, the renowned Bolivian feminist group Mujeres Creando, a multitude of women in rebellion, has been developing a fascinating mix of urban intervention, radical critique, irrepressible utopia, pompous and tender celebration of the body, pleasure, everyday life and the powers of the imagination. Their “actions” or street performances outline a unique ethical stance as agitators, “neither intellectuals nor artists”, fighting against patriarchal oppressions, colonial patterns and neoliberal policies.
For the first time, we’ll be showing the complete Acciones de Mujeres creando.

Collectivo Las Filmadoras, VideoLetter, Chiapas contre l’OMC (8’)
Lorena WolfferMientras dormiamos (el Caso Juarez) (2002, 11’)(distribution: le peuple qui manque)
Sandra MonterrosoDeformación # 33 (2007, 5’)
Sandra MonterrosoTus tortillas mi amor. Lix Cua Rahro. (2004, 12’)
Sandra MonterrosoCulpa. Mac. (2006, 6’)
Mujeres creandoAcciones – Creando Mujeres (2001, 1h03)

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