Gender trouble

Vincent Dieutre / Patric Chiha

Wednesday May 14, 2008 – 20h
Cinema Le Méliès, Montreuil

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With Patric Chiha and Vincent Dieutre.
and in partnership with Cinema 93

 Bologna Centrale by Vincent Dieutre (2004, 62′)

Vincent Dieutre, who forged his cinematographic writing, by using autobiographical materials, relationship between its and image of very a great power, is one of the most important scenario writers of our time, diarist of a life bruissante and sensitive related on homosexuality, drug, the anonymous meetings or the otherness in love, a stylized and romantic life.
Realizer of several feature films between documentary and fiction, sorry Rome (1996), Lessons of darkness (2000), Good news (2001), My Voyage from Winter (2002), Fragments on the Grace (2006) or Despues of the revolucion (2007), he is also active member of the Pointligneplan collective, which has worked for several years for the defense of a “third cinema”, between cinema and contemporary art, far away from the commercial injunctions of formats and kinds.

bolognacentrale.jpgAt the top of his art and his literary cinema and melancholic person, Vincent Dieutre explores with “Bologna power station” the traces of Italy of the “years of lead”, after the attack neofascist against the station of Bologna during the Eighties, intermingling the political history with his fictionalized autobiography, lost loves, sexual meetings, newspaper of the feelings, urban and rough poetry of the Italian city.
“A new page of the diary of the author Vincent Dieutre, torn off in Italy, collective disillusions and the time which passes. Bologna Centrale is also a history of love which badly finished. A homage to all these fellow travellers whose revolt was completed by contemptible disappearances, and to the first of them, Sandro, which was also the man, inconsolably cherished, of the first kiss, the awakening of a sensuality and a taste of the subversion which the system ended up digesting. ”
“Thus “Bologna Centrale (the film)” left the workshop of the secrecy to become manifest of a free cinema of any crenel, of very forced; a third-film torn off with the intermittency, the official auteurism; but also an unstable chapter of my life of cinema torn off with the Berlusconien blindness, my perforated memory, the amnesic violence of the Empire. ” Vincent Dieutre

And on a proposal of Vincent Dieutre
Où se trouve le chef de la prison ?
by Patric Chiha (2007, 18’)

ou-se-trouve-le-chef-de-le-prison.jpg“Through the questionnaire of a schizophrene, Pleasant Jayet, puts the question of the difference between the female one and the masculine. Interrogation lived at the same time like one enfermement and a creepage distance, with the image, moreover, frontality of a film which, to finish, share in diagonal – the diagonal of insane which takes off the concrete one of its surface. ” (François Bonenfant, French Cineclub).  Raphaël Grooving plane, impressing presence and of plastic fluidity at the time of the monologue which it declines in Where the chief of the prison is, short film of Patric Chiha, realized starting from the questionnaire that in 1949 a patient of the psychiatric hospital of Saint-Alban established. (Dominique Widemann, humanity) This film profited from the Assistance to short film, device of support for creation, the production and the diffusion of the General advice of the Seine-Saint-Denis.

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