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Maria Adela Diaz

Maria Adela Diaz is a graphic designer and artist born in Guatemala in 1973. She lives and works in Los Angeles. Through various media, such as installations and video performances, Maria Adela Diaz uses her body to convey her objections to political deceptions, patriarchal societies and discriminatory philosophies, in work that includes the transformation of the viewer, in an everyday context. She has exhibited in Europe, New York, Mexico, Guatemala, Costa Rica and elsewhere. Her work is included in the anthology “Imagining Ourselves: Global Voices from a New Generation of Women”, published in 2006 in San Francisco by the International Museum of Women.



video-performance by Maria Adela Diaz (2005, 2′)

In an action of great expressive power, evoking migration policies in the United States and the precarious situation of undocumented migrants, and which can be read as a cathartic ritual for the wounds of her own exile, Maria Adela Diaz encloses herself in a container thrown into the sea.

Territorio invisible

video-performance by Maria Adela Diaz (2005, 2′)